Business Partner

Lealta creates added value!

Administrative and regulatory requirements are continuously growing. Pension administration is becoming increasingly demanding and time-consuming. Lealta Vested Benefits Foundation offers numerous services to the employees and managers of employer-sponsored occupational benefits institutions and multi-employer foundations, as well as to financial intermediaries, consultants, insurance brokers, lawyers, tax advisors, and HR managers. Especially Banks, portfolio managers and consultants can rely on Lealta to provide an interesting complement to their existing advisory services.

In addition to the administration of pension assets, the professional management of assets is part of our core competencies. For this purpose we coöperate with intermediaries and consultants, as well as with renowned private banks and FINMA regulated asset managers in Switzerland. These implement innovative and flexible investment solutions.

We make your work easier!

At Lealta, we enable you to transfer vested benefit assets and personal data to us quickly and securely in just two steps. Larger personal headcounts may be transferred via an electronic data interface (e.g. Excel, xml, etc.). The vested benefits are then transferred to our collective account with one of our partner banks.

Electronic account openings and data transfers are processed directly via our online service. Pension fund members or their new employers may also utilize it to trigger transfer payments to the new employee benefits institution. Our electronic processing speeds up all processes.

We make your work easier!

As a Business Partner, you may advise and manage your clients with us.
This allows you to invest your customers’ pension assets in traditional
securities solutions, or your own specialized solutions.

Our experienced vested benefit specialists would be pleased to assist you. Contact us!