Private individuals

Lealta offers attractive securities solutions for vested pension benefits

Would you like to invest your retirement savings? Depending on your preferences, you can prioritize security and open a cash-only vested benefits account, or if you favour better returns, invest retirement savings capital in a securities-based solution.

Instead of simply depositing your pension assets in a vested benefit account, Lealta Vested Benefit Foundation enables you to invest them in a securities-based solution. Usually, only institutional investors have access to these investments. This offers advantages, that will have a positive impact on the performance of your assets over the coming years. Using these favourable conditions will enable you to fit align your pension assets with your total assets and optimizing the return on your retirement capital.

A vested benefits account can be a major advantage

Active members who have not yet reached retirement age cannot simply withdraw their pension assets. Exceptions to this are capital withdrawals for the purchase of self-owned residential property or for taking up self-employment, which are regulated separately by law. If you would like to invest your pension capital wisely, it is best to do so in a vested benefits account or to invest it in modern securities solutions (Champs, Selection Index, Multi Fund Invest etc.).

Once the official retirement age has been reached, the pension capital may be withdrawn. In this case, a one-time tax is then due. The higher the balance, the higher the tax. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain two vested benefits accounts – one with Lealta and one with Liberty. Thanks to a time-delayed capital withdrawal of two smaller credit balances in each case, the tax progression should be lower.

Lealta has a team of trained consultants to assist you in investing your pension assets.

Our Foundation is subject to supervision by the Lucerne regulatory authority for BVG institutions and foundations. We invests and manage your pension assets in collaboration with our partners. In so doing, we undertake the utmost to preserve your mandatory and extra-mandatory pension assets.

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