Lealta offers ideal investment solutions for your retirement savings capital.

Are you taking a sabbatical, planning a stay abroad, or taking parental leave? Lealta has the ideal solution!

Lealta offers private individuals the ideal solution for their retirement savings capital

In Switzerland, contributions paid into the occupational benefits system must remain in the system. Therefore, persons who leave their former employer’s pension fund are required to transfer their pension assets to the pension fund of their new employer, or if they are no longer employed, to the to the vested benefits institution of their choice. Vested benefit accounts are part of the second pillar of the Swiss pension system.

Lealta Vested Benefit Foundation allows you to deposit pension assets into a vested benefits account, where they may be invested if desired. Moreover, you can instruct the Foundation to collect any pension assets held with your existing vested benefit or occupational benefit institution.

Lealta offers its partners the ideal solution for their business.

Thanks to an open and modular business architecture, we offer a wide range of innovative tailor-made products and services, which are distributed through various channels in coöperation with renowned banks, consultants, and brokers.

We will gladly support the responsible persons at an employer-sponsored occupational benefits institution in all matters relating to the transfer of their members’ vested termination benefits.

Lealta has the right solution for you! Pension funds are required to pay the minimum BVG/LPP interest rate on pension assets. You can save yourself this interest. Lealta relieves you of the administrative burden and responsibility, and ensures an expeditious and secure processing of vested benefit transfers and personal data, free of charge.

Your advantages

Digital solutions for account openings and tracking of funds
A broad selection of investment solutions
Tax-friendly environment for persons relocating abroad
Partner foundation of the Liberty Group